austentic cast iron

  • Nickel content of more than 20%
  • High-grade corrosion resistant against sea water and alkaline media

We produce Ni-Resist in the following grades:

  • EN-GJSA-XNiCr20-2 (5.3500)
  • EN-GJSA-XNiCrNb20-2 (5.3502)
  • EN-GJSA-XNiSiCr35-5-2 (5.3505)

Ni-Resist is used for many products

  • Ship propulsion systems
  • Pump inserts
  • Pump housing
  • Pump wheels

Material data sheet

Detailed information on the technological and physical values.

A high heat resistance as well as a particularly high (or low) thermal coefficient of expansion belongs to the further extreme characteristics of Ni-resist. Ni-resist is erosion resistant, non-scaling and not magnetizable. The nickel quotient increases the tensile strength and the elongation of this material.

Ni-resist does not form a passive layer in contact with sea water or alkaline materials. Ni-resist can be machined better than cast steel and is usually more economical to produce. The structure of Ni-resist is austenitic, very strongly enriched with nickel (photo right). The high nickel content is decisive for the unusually high corrosion resistance of the material.

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