For the environment

The Schonlau iron foundry is a company subject to monitoring in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). The purpose of this law is to protect humans, animals, vegetation, earth, water and air. Within the framework of this law we are regularly inspected by the district government. The report confirms us: no defects! By the way: we produce cast iron components for renewable energies such as wind turbines and tidal power plants.

Castings made of cast iron are 100% recyclable!

Cast iron materials consist of almost 90% secondary materials. Recycled materials such as high-quality scrap and chips, but also by-products from the casting process cycle such as sprue systems, are melted down and refined into high-grade cast iron.
95% of the sands used as the main component in the production of castings are recycled within the iron foundry via a used sand recovery system and flow back into the casting process cycle.
The remaining 5% can be recycled in the production of building materials (e.g. cement, bricks) or in road construction. The sand from the casting production is recycled. Our contribution to waste avoidance!
The warm exhaust air generated at the induction furnaces and foundry machines is reused for heating in an energy-efficient way. Our contribution to climate protection!

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