Compacted graphite iron

Properties between lamellar cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron

  • good resistance to thermal shocks
  • slight distortion

We produce compacted graphite iron in the following grade:

  • EN-GJV-400 (5.2201)

Compacted graphite iron is used for many products

  • Brake Discs
  • Friction Rings
  • Exhaust manifold

Material data sheet

Detailed information on the technological and physical values.

The damping behavior in relation to mechanical oscillations improve in this material. Compacted graphite iron has a higher resistance and fracture toughness, with a lower section sensitivity. The advantages to nodular graphite cast iron are up to the thermal expansion. Compacted graphite cast iron offers a higher thermal conductivity and a better resistance to thermal shocks.

Compacted graphite iron is present in the form of worms (photo right). These worms shape a similar three-dimensional, branched out structure as in grey cast iron. This structure is decisive for the better damping behavior and higher elongation of this material.

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