SCHONLAU production process

We produce individually for industrial consumers.

cast iron part

Our customers

  • Drive systems and components
  • Fittings
  • Construction machinery
  • Chemical industry
  • Mechanical and apparatus engineering
  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Railway vehicle manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machine tool building

SCHONLAU production process

The SCHONLAU plants in Geseke use the latest state of the art to manufacture a wide range of castings, weighing 5 – 4,000 kg, from the materials GJL, GJS, GJV, ADI, Ni-Resist and special alloys.

Fully automatic sand plant

Molding plant up to 150 kg

Fully automatic sand plant and long cooling section for safe production of thick-walled castings.

Size (L/B/H)

Box size (in mm):
940 x 870 x 300/300

Unit weight (max.)

up to 150 kg

kastenlose Formanlage

Molding plant up to 600 kg

Boxless block molding plant for optimal adjustment of form block sizes and casting sand poportion.

Size (L/B/H)

Variable boxless mold
sizes to (in mm):
1700 x 1180 x 425/425/425

Unit weight (max.)

up to 600 kg

Boxless block molding plant

Hand molding shop up to 4.000 kg

Hand molding shop on cold setting basis

Size (L/B/H)

Box size (in mm):
2500 x 2500 x 2200

Unit weight (max.)

up to 4.000 kg

Automatic molding plant open sand casting

Moulding plant with open furnace casting

Automatic molding plant open sand casting for slats

Size (L/B/H)

Box size (in mm):
1360 x 1070 x 150

Unit weight (max.)

up to 65 kg

Melting shop

Melting shop

Two medium frequency crucible induction furnace,
melting rate 6 t/h

At Schonlau´s melting shop two medium frequency crucible induction furnaces are in mutual use. In connection to the use of high-quality raw materials and constant quality assurance we ensure the permanent and reproducible adherence to of all demanded analyses and casting temperatures. The medium frequency crucible induxtion furnace is the most modern and efficient plant for melting iron foundry at present. The energy is transmitted directly from a coil to the furnace content. The field of the furnace coil causes melt movement, which guarantees an optimal blending of all alloying constituents in addition to the heating up of the iron.

Core shop

Our core shop manufactures custom made unique pieces and small series by hand, larger units are produced on one of our 7 core shooter machines with a volume from 3 to 100 litres/piece. Our core oven guarantees a frictionless further operating schedule. Also complicated core assemblies are professionally implemented of our foundry employees. Amin and Arasin gas treating ensure the protection of our employees and the adherence to all necessary environmental protection conditions.

Our core shop contains:

  • Furan
  • Pepset
  • Cold-Box
  • Chromore
  • Special sand


Your requests for modification, maintenance work and foundry-technical optimizations would be achieved by our qualified patternmakers. In accordance to your drawings or CAD data our patternmaking develops a raw casting for production preparation. All necessary founding would be taken into allowance. The production of the pattern equipment takes place in accordance to EN 12890.

In our patternmaking we handle model equipment of:

  • Wood
  • Synthetic resin
  • Metal
  • Polystyrene

We are there for you.

Head of Quality Assurance

Markus Seidel

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Technical advice

Thomas Veckenstedt

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